2020-Over a year of something happened



21. Maaliskuuta 2021 18.43 Laitetaan tähän jotain saavutusta viime vuodelta, kun niitä ei oikein kummasti ole mistään ikuna tullut, mitä nyt finaaleja ulkomaan kisoista, kovassa sakissa, niin tuohon ruutukaappausta ihan kotimaisesta…

Siinä muutkin ansioituneet.

Öitä. No en minä vielä nukkumaan, mutta jos sinä.




Tuesday,11th, February 2020-16·14

Over a year has gone of accident and bleeding brains. I am brain damaged now. I put here some newer photographs of newer drawings. Situation goes on. New York is cancelled. But life continues here in Helsinki beforehand as loser, but I am not giving up yet.

Sunday 22th, February 2020 It is not so clear and obviously. You should be more be more phsyciatric than critic knowing or better say understanding me and my art I used to say years ago. Nothing has changed. I have done after how from the beginning. Them tells something, maybe the truth, but who’s truth, because,I enjoy making drawings and painting where things are not allright. On good and bad days there comes the same. Pictures of dark side but naturally from mind how the things are not how them should be. I watched yesterday early Picasso,and saw the same thing, how, not what at the first. And Munch. And other expressionists. And so on. It is the question of how more than what for me. I am not ill, I am injured and paralyzed, brain damaged. Recovering somehow of right side hemipharesis. And art is going better from good despite limitations. I was going to NY, but financially not able, but maybe some day.


Ke 22.7.2020 17.47-Sivuston tilaus uudistettu. Ollut tauolla, ja pian paivitykset jatkuvat. The order of home pages is renewed. Updatings soon again.


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