Waiting for New York eagerly- but not able?


Tu3sday 13th April 2021 12.20

I have got offers from NY during past two years. The newest I have not amswered yet.

Finland is a rich contry and Iam the poorest man here without respect so no sales enough to plan anything. I use mostly cheap equipments, markers et cet and I was halli paralyzed, but drawing almost every day has recoveryd me quite good again. Institutions. I am not part of them and their money and else. I have only so low pension, it is no need to pay taxes. And I have stomach which needs enourmous quantity of food.

I ll going to write I ll go if I can. And I hate the words not able, can not et cet. I am not only sending sometging if change but also doing the transportation myself. Nothing to sell but art. Bank crupt came. Dept has taken to pay rents and hospital bills and else. Nothing left but art and small place where to stay with no space to do anything. What am I going to answer? Let m3 know more information.

Monday January, 27th 2020

New York is coming on or is it in March. I’ll try get enough money to take a part Clio Art Fair. Next step is to pay space rent and the framing for a local (here) frame maker. Tickets I have, and if things goes totally wrong, I leave there only as tourist. Then plans are like now, MOMA, Metropolitan and Clio Fair. It would be nice to see own drawings on the wall in NY, but if not I am going there anyway to see art. Modern Art. This day art, and past decades art since impressionism.

I am handicupped and long flight is the worst thing to wait, including eight hours waiting time in London. Doctor’s permit is for traveling. But it is better be careful in there, and move outside hotel mostly day time, because I do not run away anymore ever. Running is done, so better take it easy in maybe dangerous place where lives more people than whole Finland.

I put some photos here, when I am in NY. And I hope there with them are photos where my drawings are hanging on the wall in NY.

Thursday, 6 11.14AM

I maybe have to cancel NY, but I wait until I have tried some money, what the organizer wants and I need for travel. Tickets are not enough, and there are need for several thousand. So I might not can afford, through it would be nice for career. There is no career without money and sale in art. And I continuing on my own way. I am not going to paint sunsets aso.

Tuesday, 11th 10.59 AM I had to cancel to travel NY. Because if you are poor in Finland, know where you, know you place, and don’t try…

14.13-Too long time with non working machines, so I am tired and try take day sleep. In the evening some e-sport training…for local Finnish national league and tomorrow for Finnish championship tournament tryout or try in for it. I am a handicap sportsman too, or even try. ;-).

This one was one of the choisen drawings, which would stay on my own wall. Next time. Something else. Maybe painting. There are them already a lot in NY in this spring after all. Have a nice day.

Tu 18th February, 12.37 AM I want to put some words in English. There are no need to leave anywhere, but continuing to take part contests. Only winner takes free place in fairs, but it gives me valuable information, where am I. It takes minimum a couple of years to take better places in contests, and prefer color works, but time, there are not enough time for everything even on pension. Quantity makes quality, a nd I work so much as possible. Everything else can be, just be, not working with another things. Two years, that is what I give for myself. If I have, because I should be dead, but good (there was excellent) surgery. Nothing else is left but art.

An Imaginary Fish, which is maybe going for a price on a teams’ inner tournament in game which I play then and now-Propilkki 2. You may try to find it in windows store for example.

APRIL 24th 2020, 12.01-AM There is possible solo in NY in 2022, but have to wait a while is it possible to get enough money for it though there maybe are no space rent. There are need for thousands even or despite that rent free, because it is need for katalogss, marketing and pr, and if it is coming solo in NY, it is good reason to be there myself too. And NY museums, MOMA, Metropolitan,Guggenheim et cet, there are lot of seeing, … lets see what is gonna happen. I wait a while, because I do not want to say I am not able.  Because of it stupid money.


May, 22nd, 2020 22.49-I am not going into NY, yet. But if  I get enough money, I travel there later. It might be my future plan needs some lottery winning, but I have not bought lottery tickets,so have to start. My future is done because making it better needs,money I do not have. But I do not learn to be money maker anyway, maybe I am too socialist for that, never know. But I do it better anyway, the first for Barcelona, if possible to go next year february. Never knows, how the things are then. Or do I be either… Tomorrow I do something. It is a special day but some how my second life started after hospital 6.3.2019. I am in the beginning after end, and it was theme I do when I was a healthy man. Too. In the end is new beginning. Good night.

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  1. Sulla on sanajärjestys otsikossa perseellään. po. Waitng for N.Y. eagerly tai Waiting eagerly for N.Y.😎


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